Welcome, oh visitor to the fun side of Dominik Farnbacher. There is much to discover. When not busy racing exotic sports cars this talented young German is here to help you enjoy another side of his exciting life and in turn allow you to join in and be part of it. So, let us start with the Dachshund – such a lovely hound, that is a very capable friend and hunter. Please enjoy. And so, achtung!

Dominik's hairstyle can be traced back to his early childhood as can be seen here, playing with his beloved wire-haired Dachshund, Kai, in the mountains with the lovely flowers – Edelweiss...

...(pronounced /ˈedəlvaɪs/; Leontopodium alpinum), is one of the best-known European mountain flowers, belonging to the sunflower family (Asteraceae). The name comes from German edel (meaning noble) and weiss (meaning white). The scientific name, Leontopodium, means "lion's paw" and is derived from the Greek words leon (lion) and podion (diminutive of pous, foot).

If you look carefully, you can see the young go kart racer already wearing lederhosen and that, dear visitor, will be dealt with in depth at a later point in time.

The Dachshund is a very popular breed of German dog and has strong links to the Doberman.

Often refered to as a Sausage Dog, the Dachshund comes in six makes and models: smooth-hair, long-hair and wire-hair (left, enjoying stick action with Dominik) – these three styles are then split between standard size or minature.

The picuture above was an early warning to English owners atesting to the costly perils of owning a Sausage Dog.

Recently it has been scientfically proven that having a Sausage on the family can lead to car racing and as such the British have become hopelessly addicted.

As you'll see, the Germans are equally afflicted with this tragic disease.

Know your Dachshund!

These fine creatures are highly detailed animals and as such it is vital the Sausage Dog owner is conversant with all components.

In no way should this be used a guide, however, for purchases at the butcher shop, since German sausages bear no relationship to German Sausage Dogs. Just be careful!

Alas the Dachshund is not without its faults – it can suffer greatly from back problems which are costly indeed to rectify. This can easily cut into the racing budget without warning.

The Farnbacher name is inextricably linked with champion Sausage Dogs and here we see the very one and only Champion Wolf von Birkenschloss (1927), which must never be confused with Champion Urbatz von der Howitt, despite both being 'vons'.

For those wishing to brush up on the wonderful Sausage Dog,
Dominik recommends
this book, where Professor Maria-Moritz von Igelfeld explains all and is available from Amazon.com

His Excellency of Primrose Patch

The Black Gypsy Spire of Always (Standard Smooth) and
Champion Marcus of Mornyvarna (Minature Long-Haired)

The Danish are also involved with Sausage Dogs as can clearly be seen in this picture – Allan Simonsen takes the win at Classic Adelaide in November 2009 and insists on having his close Aussie pal, The Rusty Sausage in the podium photo. Odd, those Vikings!

Dear Visitor, I trust you are now well updated to the intracies of the fabled Dachshund (aka Sausage Dog). Perhaps its now time for a nice lie down and a pleasant dream, just like Dominik, seen here dreaming about his future.