Dominik grew up in a racing family—watching his father compete and excel in the racing industry—and has quickly seen his own career take off as well.

Much of his career has been spend behind the wheel of a Porsche in the U.S. and Europe. He competed in the Porsche Supercup and Carrera Cup as well as in the European LeMans Series, American LeMans Series, and Grand Am.

Career highlights include a 2005 victory at the Rolex 24 at Daytona and a P2 finish at LeMans in 2006. In 2007, Dominik drove in ALMS and proved to be one of the top runners. He went on to capture 2nd place in the 2008 ALMS championship with Dirk Mueller in a Ferrari F430. In the 2009 season, he won the Asian Le Mans Series Championship in a Ferrari F430. In addition, he drove for the Panoz Factory team of PTG to a fantastic 5th place in the American Le Mans Series in the GT2 class.

Championships: American Le Mans Series /European Le Mans Series/ Rolex Grand Am / BF Goodridge Long Distance Series Nuerburgring

Team: ALMS-Extreme Speed Motorsports (Patron), LMS & BF Goodridge – Hankook Team Farnbacher, Rolex – Alex Job Racing.

Birthdate: 26/09/84

Residence: Ansbach, Germany

Nationality: German

• Full Le Mans Series season in Ferrari 458 GTE-Pro class with two podiums.
• Development and Factory Driver for Hankook Tires
• World record for production cars at old Nürburgring in Dodge Viper ACR (7 min 12.11 sec)
• 24 Hours of Le Mans - Ferrari 458 GTE-Pro
• 24 Hours of Nürburgring - Pole position and fastest race lap
• 24h Daytona in Porsche GT3 Cup. Set Pole position
• ADAC GT Masters in Ferrari 458 GT3. 2 Podiums. 1 Win.

• Full Season with Le Mans Series
• Development and Factory Driver for Hankook Tires in Ferrari F430 GT2
• 2nd GT2 @ 24 Hours of Le Mans with Ferrari F430 GT2
• 2nd outright @ 24 Hours of Nürburgring and class winner with Ferrari F430 GT2 VLN-Spec
• 24h Daytona in Porsche GT3 Cup
• 12 Hours of Malaysia Mardeka Millenium (Sepang 12 Hours) in Porsche GT3 RSR
• Winner of the GT-Eins/Endurance Info Award for best Endurance driver in 24 Hour races in Germany and France.
Asian Le Mans Series with Ferrari F430 1st in Championship GT2 -ALMS GT2 with Panoz Team PTG, 2 Podiums (5th in Championship)
- European Le Mans Series GT2 in a Ferrari F430, 1 Podium - 24h of Le Mans in Hankook F430 GT2 - 24h Daytona in a Porsche GT3 Cup, led 3 hour to the end, until half shaft broke.
ALMS with Tafel Racing and Dirk Müller in a GT2 Ferrari F430 GTC 4x 1st place St. Petersburg, Long Beach, Mid Ohio and Laguna Seca,
2nd in championship
ALMS with Tafel Racing in a GT2 Porsche GT3-RSR 2x 2nd place in Petit LeMans and Laguna Seca, (5th in championship) - Grand Am
Rolex Series with FarnbacherLoles in a Porsche GT3 Cup 2x 2nd place in Mexico and Miller Park -24h of Daytona with FarnbacherLoles
in a Porsche GT3 Cup -SuperGT Japan with Team Taisan in a Porsche GT3 RS In 5 Races 2 x 1st place
LeMans Series with Farnbacher Racing in a Porsche GT3 RSR -24h of Daytona with Farnbacher Loles in a Porsche GT3 Cup -24h of
LeMans 2nd in GT2 class in a Porsche GT3 RSR -ALMS Petit Lemans with Alex Job Racing
24h of Daytona 1st place for FarnbacherLoles in a Porsche GT3 Cup -Porsche Carrera Cup Germany for Eichin Racing 4th in
-Porsche Michelin Supercup with Farnbacher Racing 7th in championship -Porsche Carrera Cup Germany with Eichin Racing 8th in championship
Serveral Porsche Carrera Cup Races
Formula BMW Junior Cup : 9th in championship 1x 1st place

How would you sum yourself up in 30 seconds? I love to smile and have fun, yet I am very focused when it comes to my career. I always try to help others and I am never late for anything.

What is your outlook on life? Life is meant to help others and bring joy to others and continually challenge yourself to become better.

What is your greatest non-motorsport highlight of life?
School graduation, a healthy and happy family and the great friends.

What would you next like to accomplish in your career? I would like to win the 24h of Daytona, Nurburing and Lemans overall and run our family company successfully.

Am proud of… my family—they have enabled me to do my dream sport and we work as one team in everything we do.

Best advice ever given… finish school before racing and always be honest no matter what.

Biggest regret…. I shifted into 2nd gear at the end of Mulsane straight in the 2006 LeMans and broke off the gear lever, yet it was not even in gear when it broke---I was in neutral. And that’s why we lost the 1st place.

Can’t live without… my laptop and cell phone

Cooking specialty… Spaghetti Bolognese and morning eggs

Dream car… A red Ferrari 365 Daytona Spyder

Dumbest thing I’ve ever done… Naked snowboarding---don’t ask.

First job…Internship in another dealership learning my trade

First road car… ’86 Toyota Celica GT

First thing I’d buy with $1 million… I would buy my dad a nice “thank you” present and donate the rest to philanthropic foundations that are close to my heart.

Three people I would invite to dinner… Sacha Baron Cohen, Will Ferrell, and my little brother JAY (aka Mario).

Five words that describe me… honest, loyal, punctual, fast, friendly

Greatest fear… heights.

Greatest love… my family and racing.

Grocery list usually includes… bananas, salmon and of course, beer.

Hobbies… collecting cars, playing Gran Turismo 5, electronic music, any outdoor activities, working out and hanging out with friends

I relax by… sleeping, fishing, watching movies

I would like more… beer please---(yes, I am a typical Bavarian boy)

I’d most like to have a drink with…. My best buddies Andy and Toby

If I had three wishes they’d be… For more wishes

Last night I… couldn’t sleep as always. There is always a lot going through my A.D.D. head, it’s hard for me to fall asleep.

Most anxious moment of my life… It will be when I get on the podium after the victory at Daytona and Lemans

Most embarrassing moment off-track… I crashed on the highway after overtaking the person in front of me on a snow-covered road. The most embarrassing and nerve-wrecking part was telling my dad I crashed his car.

Most famous person I’ve met… Michael Schumacher

Music in my car right now… the newest House Music on the market; Disco Boys CDs

My greatest accomplishment… Winning the 24h of Daytona and giving the Rolex to my dad

My most treasured material possession… my ’99 Toyota Supra

My tombstone would read…
“The Boy Who Ate Too Fast”

My worst vice/addiction… Speeding on the highway

Nicknames… Dom or Dominator

Nobody knows I can… eat faster than anyone else I know and I have the best orientation sense ever

One person in particular I’d most like to meet and why… Chuck Norris—I want to know how the roundhouse kick works.

People always hassle me about… always being clumsy and eating too fast

Racing hero… my dad and Michael Shumacher and Wolf Henzler

Smartest thing I ever did… Moving out on my own and when I started racing in the US

Something I really need to finish doing…
tune up my apartment.

Something you would never do… skydive and bungee jump (well…maybe one day)

Success means…
to be the best you can be and if you can’t do better, try to make the best out of it

Superstitions… I don’t have any

Teenage year were… School time and a lot of trouble making

The last time I cried was… when a friend died.

Unfavorable part of my training routine… consistently pushing myself over my limits.

What makes me smile…
when it snows, Borat, working out and being healthy, seeing my friends and family happy.

What peeves me off is…
when people are crabby, but more so when slow cars are in front of me on the highway

When I finish this questionaire I will… watch “The Hangover” and then go sledding.

Worst habit…I bite my nails when I get nervous

Worst mistake ever made… not happened yet.


MOVIE… “Old School”
SUNDAY BREAKFAST… Soft-boiled eggs
TV SHOW… “How I Met Your Mother”
COLOR… Sky blue
MUSIC… Dance, House, 80s
DRINK… Beer and water
HOLIDAY SPOT… Maldives, Ibiza
JUNK FOOD… I don’t eat that…


Boxers / Briefs: Boxers
Dogs / Cats: Dogs
Beer / Wine: Beer, of course
Chocolate / Sweets: Chocolate
Blondes / Brunettes: Lauren
Die healthy / Die rich: Healthy
Tea / Coffee: Coffee
City / Country: Country
Brains / Beauty: Beautifulbrains
Right Handed / Left Handed: Right
Black / White: Both are cool
Early Riser / Night Owl: Night Owl
Listening / Talking: Listening
Love / Money: Love